About TVCasualty.com

TV Casualty.com is basically a pictoral account of my own personal history of experiences with some of my all-time favorite bands like HANK III, the MISFITS, SAMHAIN, DANZIG, and the related bands. Show after show, I've snapped away roll after roll of film in the hope that I could capture that one incredible shot that could summarize the experience. When I've been afforded the opportunity to finally meet some of the members of these groups, you can bet there was a camera there. What follows is the result of my many years of intrigue and research of those bands.

When you browse through the site, you'll find a host of images found on no other site. Photos of concerts, rare memorabilia, and original artwork found here were all taken by yours truly, unless otherwise noted. Additionally my personal collections of memorabilia from each of the bands are featured here. So sit back and enjoy a little piece of my life.