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The Samhain/Danzig and Misfits Fonts
Now you can have the classic fonts made famous by The Misfits, Samhain and Danzig! Included are the Samhain/Danzig font lifted from 1959's "The Giant Gila Monster" and the Misfits font, borrowed from the "Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine."
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Prime Directive: Exterminate
While some of these Misfits & Samhain tribute tracks are featured on the "Stillborn Monster Babies" tribute compilation, you can download the complete "Prime Directive" tribute right here, for free. Arranged, recorded, produced and mixed by the folks who run
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III & Assjack Samples
The ever-elusive "Assjack" material that you've been wondering about is right here - sort of. As a courtesy to those who are curious to know what Hank Williams III's heavy side sounds like, but haven't been lucky enough to score a bootleg - I've made a select few samples and two full-lentgh Misfits covers available.
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WinZip File Utility
WinZip is a great tool for swapping bloated files or multiple files more easily. Furthermore, most media available on this page is "zipped", which means you'll need this program to open the files.
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Various Artists Tribute to Samhain
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